Why do Woodpeckers Peck on My House?

Knowing the reason why Minneapolis woodpeckers are pecking in your house will help you find a way to get rid of them. The strong bills of the woodpeckers can chisel the wood surface of your house that will make it look unsightly. With their reinforced skull that can absorb the shock from the repeated drumming and drilling, they can do this repeatedly until your house will be riddled with holes.

Reasons Why Woodpeckers Are Pecking Your House
There are various reasons why a woodpecker will drum on your house. By shedding a light on this matter, you will be able to understand their behavior and find a way to repel their habit. Here are some of the possible reasons.

Attracting a Mate- The loud noise that they will create is so satisfying to them. It is used to proclaim the territory of the woodpecker and it is also intended to attract a receptive mate. In case the reason behind their drumming is because of this, the drumming will cease once the breeding season stops.

Excavating a Nest- Woodpeckers are pecking your house since they plan to establish their nest or create a hole where they can roost. The nesting site will be established before the start of the breeding season. If you plan to remove them from your home, it should happen after or before the nesting period.

Hunting for Insects- There could be insect in the siding or in your walls that woodpeckers love to eat. You may need to eliminate the insects if you want to stop the annoying peck of the woodpeckers.

Storing the Foods-another possible reason is that they are storing the foods that they gathered.

How to Drive Away the Minnesota Woodpeckers
After you figure out the reason behind the drumming of the woodpecker, you can now devise a plan to get rid of them. There are various studies performed to find out which method would be effective against this creature. In a study that was performed at the Lab of Ornithology, they found out that the vinyl siding and the light-colored aluminum siding is less vulnerable to the attack of the Minneapolis woodpeckers. In another report wherein 6 types of deterrents were tested against the woodpeckers such as decoys, reflective items, suet feeders, sound deterrents, etc. They found out that these repellents will not deliver the best solution for your woodpecker problem.

Some homeowners have successfully repelled the drumming of the woodpecker by covering the affected area with burlap or bird nets. You need to seal the openings to avoid trapping the woodpeckers on the nest. Some people also plug the holes with the wood putty to deter the activity of these birds. In case the bird has already created a roost in your property, you should ensure that there are no birds inside before sealing the hole. Never utilize the sticky or glue repellent to repel these creatures since it can ruin their feather and will make them vulnerable against the predators. You should also check the law in your municipality since the bird might be included in the list of protected species.

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