An Overview on the Cost of Mice Removal

While some people will enjoy having rodents as pets, mice are not something that you want to see running inside your house. Mice are possible carrier of various diseases that can be transmitted to humans and other Minnesota animals. They can contaminate the foods in your kitchen with their feces and urine. They also have a habit of chewing plastic, wood materials, and wiring insulations.

A Complete Guide on the Cost of Minneapolis Mice Removal
Once you notice a sign of active mice infestation, you probably think that you will be able to deal with this pest personally. However, you will find out that it will usually be better to hire the service of the professionals. They can deal with the root cause of your problem and prevent any similar situation from occurring in the future.

Home Inspection
When you have a mice infestation, you need to first establish the location of their nest and the magnitude of the infestation. The mice will commonly build their nest in the undisturbed and dark areas of our home like the attic, basement, and the garage. You must make sure that they will not be able to contaminate your food supply by sealing their access. This is also the priority of the wildlife removal expert. In case you do not wish to handle the inspection, the cost of hiring a professional is about $75-$125 for each visit. This price is for a home with an average area of 2000sqft.

Kinds of Treatment
The kind of treatment that the rat removal expert will use can also affect the overall cost. Traps are the most common solution offered by these professionals. They will be able to identify the appropriate placement of the trap and the right bait to use. Different kinds of traps will have varying costs. The method that they will use will depend upon the severity of the situation.

Snap Traps- This will not be an ideal solution of the mice hole will not be sealed. In addition, Minneapolis mice are smart and will soon evade it. Therefore, it is not the best answer for a full-blown infestation. The cost of a snap trap is about $5/pack. This is the cheapest type of trap and setting them up is not complex.

Electric Traps- This is more expensive than snap trap, but it offers an efficient and long-term solution. In addition, this is a reusable tool. The cost of the electric trap is at $20-$100.

Bait Station- Bait stations are used to ensure that your pets or kids will not accidentally step on the trap. It also minimizes the probability that the non-targeted animal will be caught on the trap. The cost of this item is around $15-$50.

Labor Cost
Some companies will offer their home inspection for free. This will help them create an accurate estimate of their labor cost. Placing simple traps that will be enough to cover the key areas of your house is about $90/visit. Depending on the size of the infestation, expect to pay at least $200.

Finally, the wildlife removal expert may also charge you for the repairs and enhancement of your property. The repair cost will depend upon the extent of the damage and the type of materials. If you are worried about the cost, do not hesitate to ask them for the estimated cost.

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