3 Signs of Mole Activities in the Yard

When taking care of your lawn, you might have noticed some piles of dirt or mounds. This can be a sign that you have an uninvited guest in your yard. The presence of the moles can be annoying. They can create a significant damage. They can destroy the roots of our plants that will halt the growth of the plants. You need to know how to identify their presence to control the damage that they may cause.

Signs That You Have Minneapolis Moles in Your Yard
The mole infestation will not only cause annoying ridges, it can also make your property look unsightly. Therefore, it is essential to know the signs that you need to watch out for.

1. Tunnels
The moles will create two types of tunnels. One will be used for foraging. The path of this tunnel will cover your yard and will not be attached with the other tunnels. Another type would be the main tunnel. They will use this on a day-to-day basis. This is a straight tunnel that extends to multiple exits. The different exits allow them to escape the threat of the predators. When controlling the activities of the mole, it is important that you know how to differentiate the two types of tunnels.

2. Mounds of Dirt or Molehills
Before you discover the tunnels, you will first notice the mounds of dirt close to the tunnels. When the moles are going deeper into the ground, they will kick the soil out of their tunnel to make a space for them. The mounds will appear more noticeable during winter since the mole will dig deeper to keep them warm.

3. Damages on Our Plants
Due to the tunneling activities of the moles, they tend to create damage to our plants. When the moles are digging their tunnels, the dirt will be displaced that can damaged the roots and the bulbs of plants. Once the roots have been exposed, this will become dry that will lead to the death of the plants. The tunnels can also displace or shift the plants found in your garden. While moles will not necessarily eat plant since their main source of sustenance would be worms and insects, there are times that they will eat bulbs and roots especially if there is scarcity of food.

Differentiating Moles and Voles
Moles are usually confused for Minnesota voles. However, this two can be distinguished by paying attention to the damages that they can cause. Compared to moles, the voles will target our plants. If you notice that several of your plants become wilted, there can be a vole infesting your yard. The plants eaten by the voles will be dislodged from the soil since they do not have enough roots attached to the soil. The Minneapolis moles on the other hand will only be causing minimum type of damage to plants.

Once you notice these signs, look for an effective removal and exclusion process to avoid the problems that they may cause. Ask your local wildlife removal company for their recommended solution.

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